August 28, 2008

Ted Finds A New Home

Two of our good friends have a couple of Border Collie dogs - in fact they are sisters from the same litter so have grown up together. But how different they are! Meg is the dominant one, confident and cheeky whilst Tess is more subdued - though not when there's football on tv! She adores watching football on tv and watches it with her nose close to the screen as if in an attempt to catch the ball. Our friends tell us there are teeth marks on the tv set! Well the two Border Collie sisters got quite a surprise recently - the arrival of Ted.

The family had heard of a male Border Collie in need of a new home. Ted had been bred as a working sheep dog and lived on a farm, seeing only other dogs, sheep and the shepherd. Sounds idyllic for a keen working dog but unfortunately Ted has a problem - an aversion to wanting to round up sheep. This meant that the farm was not the place for him.

So home he came with our friends to join his new family. Straight away the 'sisters' took to him and absolutely adore him. Adjusting to 'normal' life has therefore been that bit easier. You see, Ted had never been in a car before, never heard a telephone ring and never really been around people and all the noise that goes with everyday life. It's been quite a learning curve for him! However, he's done really well in just a few months. He's still very shy with visitors but hopefully time will help him get over that.

Recently Ted went on his first holiday to the seaside and by all accounts had a wonderful time. Here's a photo of him with his 'sisters' playing at the water's edge on the beach. (Ted is in the background).

Anyway, here's to Ted and his new life. I wonder what he will think of Christmas? Whatever happens, being a male amongst two females, I'm sure he's happy!

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