September 7, 2008

Pool Tables

If you've only ever played pool in a pub you will have probably only played on a small 8 ball pool table. This was my experience until my husband and son got hooked on 9 ball pool. I went with them to the local snooker and pool hall and watched them on the bigger 9 ball table. After that we got our own table. As a result I have been drawn into the fascination of the game, learned the rules and can even now pot a ball or two.

The hard part about buying the table however was simply deciding on the size, style and colour.

Table Size
- we knew that the room size had a bearing to begin with - eg. a standard 9 ball table is 9' x 4'6" which means it has to have a room size of 19’ x 14’6" (5.8m x 4.4m). Luckily for us we had enough space. Even so, if we hadn't we could still have had a table for there are other sizes available too - 6' x 3', 7' x 3'6" and 8' x 4'.

Cloth Colour - I thought there might just be 3 or 4 colours to choose from but I was wrong! There are at least a dozen. We chose green.

Having chosen green for the cloth we then opted to buy a set of overhead brass pool table lights - opting for green shades which set it off the whole colour scheme really well.

Thinking of investing in a pool table ? Follow the link for guidelines that will help you make the right choice. And if you don't want a full size table, you can always try an Executive Billiard Table at just 3 ft x 20 inches x 8 inches high.