August 21, 2008

Cool Drinks & Ice Nuggets

When the weather's warm we all tend to drink more, especially cool or chilled drinks. Many people put their cans and bottles of lager in a beer fridge and their white wine and drinks for the children in their kitchen refrigerator. That's fine but when you have a few people round say for a barbecue it's nice to go one step further and have plenty of fresh ice on hand so they can keep their drinks chilled. I've found that using the ice tray in my freezer just doesn't do the job.

So what's the solution? An ice maker - in fact what they call a home ice maker.

It's not terribly big and it's completely portable. I keep it in one of the kitchen cupboards so that it's handy to bring out whenever I need it. You just fill it up with water to the required level, plug in, select the size of ice you want (there are 3 sizes of ice nuggets to choose from), press start and off you go. In what seems like no time at all you've a try of beautifully formed ice nuggets. If you need more you just fill her up with water again and repeat the process.

It's such a useful little machine; no wonder a some cafes and small bars are investing in one. It's also great for anyone do outdoor catering say in a marquee. Being a portable ice maker it has a lot more flexibility of use than a plumbed in one. Here are 2 sites where you can buy this kind of machine:

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