October 2, 2008

Orbs - What Do You Think?

A dear friend of mine runs her own blog dedicated to life in London - it's fascinating. The sheer variety of subjects she covers never seems to amaze me - from light-hearted articles such as the Tripe 'n Lites story to the more sober one about the unused sketch books.

One set of posts however really caught my attention recently - about orbs. Now the subject of orbs and what they really are receives lots of debate and I'm not about to join that debate but suffice it to say that whatever your view, you should read the series of orb posts my friend has written. It will at the very least make you sit back and rethink whatever you thought before!

Here is a great one to start with, simply called .... Orbs
The photographs that accompany this and the other orbs posts are also fascinating. If you enjoy reading them please pass the link onto others who might be interested. Sharing subjects of interest is so easy these days with the wonderful Internet!