October 9, 2008

Medieval History Books

Whether you're a college student or just a history enthusiast, there's a vast range of books available on the subject of medieval history.

You might want to look at medieval architecture or medieval religion or medieval art and music; you might just want an insight into what medieval life was like, read about medieval weaponary and swordsmanship or swordmaking; you might even enjoy works of fiction set in medieval times - such as Ivanhoe by Sir Walter Scott. 5 star rated on Amazon, this is one of the best books I have ever read!

Whatever aspect of medieval history fascinates you, it seems you can never read too much and there's plenty to choose from online and I have found that Amazon is a great place to start. You can buy new or used and often there are both hardback and paperback editions available.

I found some great books on medieval times at this specialised online medieval store. One book I'm particularly interested to read is the 5 star rated 'Marriage and the family in the Middle Ages'. I doubt that much has changed in that aspect of life but only reading the book will answer that for me!