November 5, 2008

Letters From London

This is a blog I love to read - letters from London written by 'a lady with a Burmese cat'. They reflect not just life in London but life in all its glory - from amusing experiences and strange coincidences to wistful and nostalgic writings. It's all there - what a wonderful way with words this lady has!

I recently wrote a post bringing attention to Orbs and a particular story and set of photos on the LettersfromLondon19 blog. Well, here are 2 more fascinating stories, again with photos all about Orbs in London - from Westminster Cathedral to the New West End Synagogue!

Orbs - Strictly Unorthodox

Orbs - In Search Of The Numinous

To the 'lady with a Burmese cat' thank you for sharing with us these fascinating orb stories and super photographs. Keep up the good work!