November 11, 2012

Rhubarb Fun

Say the word 'rhubarb' and you'll get a different reaction from one person to the next. Say it to me and I think fondly of the delicious rhubarb and custard that my mother would serve as a treat when rhubarb was in season. The rhubarb was always fresh from the garden or a relative's allotment and the custard always homemade. The rhubarb would be gently stewed with sugar and the custard was always thick and creamy. The blend of sweet and sour was wonderful!

However, that's a hot dessert. What about a cold one? Well, you should try some homemade rhubarb and custard ice cream. Again, rich and creamy, sweet and sour it really is a surprisingly good ice cream.

So now, no matter what the weather - cold or hot - you can enjoy rhubarb and custard as it suits you. Tip: Just be sure that when rhubarb is in season you put some in the freezer for those winter months. I do :-)

Note: If you're not keen on rhubarb and you're looking for some good recipes you can try where guest writers offer some fascinating new dessert ideas.