April 11, 2012

From Pids To Pinterest

The worldwide web has been responsible for many things but one in particular is the rapid expansion of our everyday vocabulary.

When I was a child, if someone had uttered the words Google and Facebook there would have been a look of puzzlement from just about anyone who heard them. Now they are two of the most used words in the world!

This week I came across 2 more - thanks again to the worldwide web:

Pinterest - a new social media site that allows people to pin and share the photos and web pages they like. Here's an example - a pinterest search result for the word zandvoort

Pids - an abbreviation which, amongst many other things, can mean perimeter intrusion detection systems. To you and me that means the equipment they use to protect computer networks or outdoor sites such as military bases, power stations and salvage yards. I even found a pids blog that's just been started!