March 20, 2012

Artificial Grass In The Headlines

Artificial grass is nothing new - it's been around since the 60's although it was called plastic grass in those days and was a far inferior product to the fake grass that's available today. So much greater is the quality that droves of people are now putting artificial grass into their gardens, back yards and even balconies.

Artificial grass landscaping is also on the up with more and more landscapers realising the benefits that this fake grass can offer to their customers. What are those benefits? Good question and the list of answers is amazing!

As this page on artificial grass landscaping explains, this new generation of grass carpet offers low maintenance with no more mowing, weeding or pesticides, it stops the kids and pets from bringing in muddy feet and paws after rainy days, and it also saves on the water. The latter point is particularly relevant just now because it was announced this week that the South of England is officially in a drought! Yes, before Spring has even hinted at an arrival, there is a water shortage. So if you want to cut your water bills and avoid the worry of hosepipe bans this summer, get your artificial lawn installed now!

Here is the Environment Agency's drought water status page - well worth bookmarking.