August 29, 2010

The Lone Cygnet

Amongst Talkin Tarn's 'residents' is a pair of swans. Every year they produce a new 'brood' and it is always a delight to watch them as they bring up their youngsters.

Most years, the pair have done well but last year, sadly, only one signet survived.

Here is the cygnet, photographed close to the edge of the Tarn where it had been taking food from passers-by. Notice the mixture of grey and white feathers as it had still to reach maturity. When it did so, however, it was obliged to 'fly the nest', leaving the parents to concentrate on the next season's brood.

The good news is that this year they have hatched 6 cygnets and so far all 6 are doing well.

They grow incredibly fast and I have been taking pictures of them since they first appeared on the Tarn with their parents. Watch out for the series of photos coming next .....