February 20, 2010

The Changing Seasons

Cumbria is a county in which the change of seasons is readily noticeable. Take the change from autumn to winter for example. Talkin Tarn is a small lake near the town of Brampton and is a favourite spot for locals to go walking. The woods surrounding the tarn as well as the tarn itself provide a wonderful haven for wildlife - from swans, ducks and geese to red squirrels and many other animals.

In autumn, the place is awash with colour. Here is a video clip I took in November ....

In winter, however, it can be quite different. When the first heavy snow arrived just before Christmas 2009, we had no idea that it would stay for 3 weeks along with freezing temperatures both day and night. During that time Talkin Tarn became a different place; the lake froze leaving only one small patch of water in the middle. The sounds around the place changed too - the usual noise of birds swimming and splash landing in the water disappeared and on the days when the sun hid behind heavy snow-laden clouds, it was a distinctly black and white scene. Here is a video clip I took on one such day - quite different from the one in November!