September 15, 2011

Cantilever Gates

Gates ... an everyday word. Gates are also something most of us see every day, from garden gates to field gates to security gates. Gates are everywhere these days it seems!

One thing I didn't realise however is just how many types of gates there are to choose from. Here are two examples at opposite ends of the scale:

wooden gates
These are the kind of gates people you find in residential areas - eg. wooden security gates at the end of a driveway or the entrance to a garden.

cantilever gates
These are for industrial use and generally found at the entrance to a materials' yard, factory or warehouse area. You can have manual cantilever gates or automatic cantilever gates.

One interesting thing that ties these two very different types of gates together is that you will often find them with fencing either side - wooden fencing or metal palisade fencing. The latter, used most often for perimeter protection of industrial sites such as warehouses, storage and distribution depots, will then have additional security built into or onto it. Examples include intrusion detection systems (often called pids systems) that use copper cable, fibre optic or even microwave technology. Having said that, there is also another and entirely different kind of pids system which is installed on web servers - read more about pids software systems. Now how did we get from a wooden gate to cyberspace in just a few lines? :)